Frank W. Benson is best known for his impressionist “plein-air” paintings. He was focused on capturing light. He once said, “I follow the light; where it comes from, where it goes.”


Benson, one of the best printmakers of the 20th century, is credited with making wildlife prints a distinct genre. To one of his daughters he said, “The whole process from the bare plate to the finished print is full of fascinating possibilities and possible failures.”


Etching led Benson to lithography; perhaps his rarest medium. He used his imagination, coupling it with personal experience and solid principals of composition—what he called “design”—to convey his birds and sportsmen with such great appeal.


Summer lectures on Frank W. Benson, American Impressionist and printmaker

Frank W. Benson’s biographer and scholar, Faith Andrews Bedford,  will be giving a series of lectures on the artist’s life and work the summer in New England.


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